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Meet the Artist


About Murray

Murray Charteris, born in Brisbane, Australia in 1972, is a highly acclaimed representational artist renowned for his enchanting and fantastical works. With a boundless imagination and a deep fascination for the realms of fantasy, Charteris creates art that transports viewers into extraordinary and otherworldly environments. His captivating pieces, characterized by intricate details, ethereal color palettes, and a meticulous interplay of light and shadow, invite audiences to escape into realms where imagination reigns supreme.

Beyond their fantastical nature, Charteris’s works also convey an important environmental theme. His art serves as a powerful reminder of the fragile beauty of the natural world and the urgency of environmental stewardship. Through his imaginative style, he depicts lush, vibrant scenes, subtly alluding to the ecological challenges our planet faces. Charteris’s art raises awareness about these pressing issues, inspiring viewers to reconsider their relationship with the Earth and to take action in preserving its beauty for future generations.

Charteris’s commitment to the environment extends beyond his artwork. He embraces sustainability practices in his artistic process, utilizing eco-friendly materials and advocating for environmentally conscious approaches in the art world. Collaborating with environmental organizations and participating in conservation initiatives, he actively promotes the importance of preserving our planet.

Murray Charteris’s art seamlessly combines the power of fantasy with a profound environmental message. His captivating works not only transport viewers into imaginative realms but also compel them to reflect on the fragility of our natural world. Through his artistry and advocacy, Charteris inspires us all to become better stewards of the Earth and to cherish the beauty of our surroundings.

Learn from Murray

Art lessons online

Along with being known for his exceptional art skills and expertise in various mediums, Murray loves teaching his creative skills with a genuine passion for sharing his knowledge and inspiring others. He teaches hands-on workshops in his studio as well as through his online school

His teaching approach revolves around a combination of practical demonstrations, theoretical knowledge, and personalized guidance, creating a comprehensive learning experience for his students.

When teaching his art skills, Murray follows a structured curriculum that begins with foundational techniques and gradually progresses to more advanced concepts. He believes in building a strong artistic foundation based on drawing skills, emphasizing fundamentals such as enhancing perception skills, shape, perspective, value and light. By instilling these fundamental skills, he enables his students to develop a solid understanding of the artistic principles that underpin all forms of visual expression.

Murray’s teaching methodology is highly interactive and hands-on. He engages his students in practical exercises and encourages experimentation, allowing them to explore their creative potential and develop their unique artistic styles. He provides constructive feedback, highlighting areas of improvement while nurturing individual strengths.

His aim is not only to help students improve their technical abilities but also to ignite their creativity and nurture a lifelong love for art. Through his teaching, he aims to empower individuals to embrace their artistic journey and discover their unique artistic voices.

Upcoming Events

Capturing Amazing Australian Birds with Paint

Saturday 16th March 2024

Online Paint-along Workshop with Murray

Murray Charteris Art

New Beith, Queensland Australia